Small Paintings 02 / 14 / 2016 – 01 / 27 / 2016

Small paintings802Small paintings801Small paintings800Small paintings799Small paintings798Small paintings797Small paintings796Small paintings795Small paintings794Small paintings793Small paintings792Small paintings791Small paintings790Small paintings789Small paintings788Small paintings787Small paintings786Small paintings785Small paintings784Small paintings783
















Left to right / top to bottom : #802 “Valentine’s 1” / “Valentine’s 2″/ #801 “Hi”/ #800 “A Bracelet”/ #799 “The Coyote On My Street At Midnight”/  #798 “Some Snow Melting On Earth”/ #797 “A Lot Of Frost This Morning”/ #796 “Sunset On The Potomac River”/ #795 “Across The Street”/ #794 “Drama Sky”/ #793 “Melting Snow And Frost Crystals On The Steps”/ #792 “Some Pieces Of Tires On The Beltway”/ #791 “Sunset Over The Neighbor’s House”/ #790  “Seeds In The Igloo And Two Birdbaths With Fog At The Top”/  #789 “Waiting For The Pickup”/ #788 “A Shirt Stuck In The Hedge On A Snowy Day”/ #787 “One Prism And Two Crystal Balls In The Window”/ #786 “Everybody Wore Sandals”/ #785 “Back Inside”/ #784 “Some Things Lost In The Snow On The Corner Of Connecticut Avenue And Porter Street NW” / #783 “A Cheery Morning”.
3 1/2″ x 6″ – all on Rives BFK – collection of the artist.

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