Small Paintings 05/ 01 / 2016 – 04 / 12 / 2016

Small paintings882Small paintings881Small paintings880Small paintings879Small paintings878Small paintings877Small paintings876Small paintings875Small paintings874Small paintings873Small paintings872Small paintings871Small paintings870Small paintings869Small paintings868Small paintings867Small paintings866Small paintings865Small paintings864Small paintings863
















Left to right / top to bottom : #882 “Three Fourths of N E X T”/ #881 “Paula’s And My Mother’s”/ #880 “Out Back”/ #879 “The Catbirds Are Back”/ #878 “In The Woods”/ “877 “At Night”/ #876 “Something On The Ground”/ #875 “In Sandy Spring”/ #874 “A Redwing Blackbird In The Rain”/ #873 “Moonlight On A Vine With Thorns”/ #872 “Paw Paw Petals And A Ring”/ #871 “17th And E Sts. NW, D.C., The Moon And The Corcoran (And The Washington Monument)”/ #870 “Above My Back Yard”/ #869 “Dogwood Blossoms At Night”/ #868 “The Moon And Jupiter Over My House”/ #867 “Jupiter And The Moon Behind The Wisteria”/ #866 “The Owl Tonight”/ #865 “Up Above”/ #864 “The Paw Paw’s Blooming In The Moonlight”/ #863 “Moonlight on The Sycamores”

3 1/2″ x 6″ – all on Rives BFK – collection of the artist.

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