Small Paintings 08/ 09 / 2016 – 07 / 21 / 2016

Small paintings982  Small paintings981  Small paintings980  Small paintings979

Small paintings978  Small paintings977  Small paintings976  Small paintings975

Small paintings974  Small paintings973  Small paintings972  Small paintings971

Small paintings969  Small paintings970  Small paintings968  Small paintings967

Small paintings965  Small paintings966  Small paintings964  Small paintings963

Left to right / top to bottom : #982 “Saturn, Mars, And the Moon”/ #981 “Mars And The Moon”/ #980 “A Goldfinch”/ #979 “Above The Pool”/ #978 “Finding The Bird Bath”/ #977 “Two Squirrels”/ #976 “A Goat”/ #975 “Curt’s Roses This Evening”/ #974 “Two Bowls”/ #973 “One of My Mother’s Pots”/ #972 “One Cup – With Catherine White”/ #971 “The Swiss Streamer And My Lap Log”/ #970 “A Balloon”/ #969 “The Cherokee Green From Carol’s Garden”/ #968 “A Small Dish”/ #967 “The Swiss Streamer”/ #966 “A Notebook And The Cup”/ #965 “Three Bowls”/ #964 “It Is Too Hot For This Starling”/ #963 “The Moon And Some Lights In The Neighborhood”.

5″ x 6″ – all on Rives BFK – collection of the artist.

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