Small Paintings 09/ 17/ 2016 – 08 / 29 / 2016

small-paintings-1022  small-paintings-1021  small-paintings-1020  small-paintings-1019

small-paintings-1018  small-paintings-1017  small-paintings-1016  small-paintings-1015

small-paintings-1014  small-paintings-1013  small-paintings-1012  small-paintings-1011

small-paintings-1010  small-paintings-1009  small-paintings-1008  small-paintings-1007

small-paintings-1006  small-paintings-1005  small-paintings-1004  small-paintings-1003

Left to right / top to bottom : #1022 “Still Full Moon In Virginia”/ #1021″The Full Moon Tonight”/ #1020 “”Barnaby”/ #1019 “The Late Afternoon Sky Today”/ #1018 “The Moon Through The Trees And Leaves”/ #1017 “”Three Quarter Moon”/ #1016 “Through The Branches Tonight”/ #1015 “The Moon Over My House On The Left”/ #1014 “The Plants And Some Dishes”/ #1013 “A Pepper”/ #1012 “The Little Blue Vase”/ #1011 “A Plum On The Green Plates”/ #1010 “Mango”/ #1009 “The Sunset On The Way Home”/ #1008 “Two White Petals Near The Smithsonian”/ #1007 “The Top Of My Refrigerator And The Top Of A Little Mirror Compact”/ #1006 “A Golden Rain Tree Leaf And Reflections On The Hood Of My Car”/ #1005 “A Moment Here”/ #1004 “The Wren Is Waiting”/ #1004 “Two Verios”.

4″ x  7″ on Rives BFK; collection of the artist.

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