Small Paintings 10/ 07/ 2016 – 09/ 18/ 2016

small-paintings1042  small-paintings1041  small-paintings1040  small-paintings1039

small-paintings1038  small-paintings1037  small-paintings1036  small-paintings1035

small-paintings1034  small-paintings1033  small-paintings1032  small-paintings1031

small-paintings1030  small-paintings1029  small-paintings1028  small-paintings1027

small-paintings1026  small-paintings1025  small-paintings1024  small-paintings1023

Left to right / top to bottom : #1042 “Over The Roof Tops”/ #1041 “New Moon. East Coast”/ #1040 “Sunrise Near Mt. Hood”/ #1039 “A Pink Building With Moss In Mt. Tabor Park”/ #1038 “The Sunset On The Wide Beach At Waldport”/ #1037 “A Whale-Style Boulder At Devil’s Churn”/ #1036 “The Pale Umbrella By The Tub Next To The River”/ #1035 “Tide Pools”/ #1034 “Fog Between The Mountains”/ #1033 “Just Before Sunrise Over The River”/ #1032 “Early In The Morning”/ #1031 “After A Good Time”/ #1030 “For Nan”/ #1029 “Cascade Mountains With Clouds”/ #1028 “The Neighborhood At Sunset”/ #1027 “The Locust Tree”/ #1026 “Falling Magnolia Leaves”/ #1025 “Evening Sky Over The Park. SW”/ #1024 “Across The Street”/ #1023 “Before The Moon”.

4″ x 7″ on Rives BFK; collection of the artist.

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