Small Paintings 11/ 16/ 2016 – 10/ 28/ 2016






Left to right / top to bottom: #1082 “Last Night”, #1081 #Little Bear”, #1080 “A Cascade of Golden Redbud Leaves Tonight”, #1079 “A Clear Night for the Moon and one Sweet Gum Leaf and One Echinacea Seed Head”, #1078 “The Mood Rising”, #1077 “The Moon Through the Wisteria”, #1076 “And the Next Day”, #1075 “One Moment Tonight”, #1074 “The Moon With Neptune, Pluto and Mars”, #1073 “Headlights Coming Up the Street”, #1072 “The Moon and the Sycamores”, #1071 “The Moon and Mars”, #1070 “The Moon and the Creek, #1069 “The Trees and the Moon”, #1068 “The Sliver Moon and a Couple of Street Lights”, #1067 “One Ceramic Vessel and One Cat”, #1066 “It Was Halloween”, #1065 “He has Good Shoulders”, #1064 “Movie Night Out Back”, #1063 “Watching Over You”.

4″ x 7″ on Rives BFK; collection of the artist.

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