Small Paintings 04/ 24/ 2017 – 04/ 05/ 2017






Left to right/ top to bottom: #1242 “Part of the Storm”, #1241 “The Bird House”, #1240 “The White Sun and Swirling Clouds”, #1239 “Spring Evening”, #1238 “Afternoon by the Potomac. Sparkly Water”, #1237 “Peony Buds at Night”, #1236 “The Weather is Changing”, #1235 “The Wisteria and Jupiter”, #1234 “The Pawpaws are Blooming”, #1233 “Early Morning”, #1232 “Across to the Parking Lot”, #1231 “Wisteria”, #1230 “The Moon Over the Park”, #1229 “The Full Moon and Jupiter From Macarthur Boulevard”, #1228 “Viburnum at Night”, #1227 “The Moon, One Cloud and Jupiter (Blue)”, #1226 “Near the Moss”, #1225 “Some Redbuds in the Woods”’ #1224 “Dogwoods Starting to Bloom”, #1223 “The Sky”.

4″ x 7″ on Rives BFK; collection of the artist.

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