Small Paintings 06/ 23/ 2017 – 06/ 04/ 2017






Left to right/ top to bottom: #1302 “Sunset at the Park”, #1301 “Looking Back From the Park”, #1300 “The Solstice Sunset”, #1299 “On the Edge of It”, #1298 “A Rest”, #1297 “Three Robins”, #1296 “A Cardinal”, #1295 “A Group”, #1294 “Ready”, #1293 “Double”, #1292 “Today”, #1291 “Too Hot”,#1290 “Summer”, #1289 “Nap”, #1288 “One Bird”, #1287 “Echinacea, Begonia and Mint”, #1286 “A Yellow Rose”, #1285 “Hydrangea Flowers”, #1284 “The Little Rose”, #1283 “Eight Petals”

4″ x 7″ on Rives BFK; collection of the artist.

One thought on “Small Paintings 06/ 23/ 2017 – 06/ 04/ 2017

  1. Hi Raya
    Please cure me of my insomnia. I haven’t been able to sleep since I returned from Winnipeg from regret of not having purchased one of your small paintings when we met with Tish. Because she is such a dear friend, I would also like her to share the pleasure. Could you let me know which are available and what the cost might be?
    Thanks in advance for your wonderful contribution to the world’s art treasures.

    Gerry from Winnipeg


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