Small Paintings 09/ 30/ 2017 – 09/ 11/ 2017






Left to right/ top to bottom: #1402 “A Week Later”, #1401 “Closer”, #1400 “The Branch”, #1399 “The Forms and a Branch”, #1398 “Mushrooms in Some Shade”, #1397 “Roses are Still Blooming”, #1396 “A Morning Glory on the First Day of Fall”, #1395 “A Hat”, #1394 “A Beret”, #1393 “Bright Eye”, #1392 “ Moon Flower”, #1391 “The Bird Bath”, #1390 “On of the Little Green Cups”, #1389 “Two Cats”, #1388 “The Little Salt and Pepper”, #1387 “A Lid on the Bowl”, #1386 “The Black Paint and Two Green Dishes”, #1385 “A Cake of Black Paint in a Terra Cotta Dish”, #1384 “Two Cups and an Aluminum Plate”, #1383 “The Hurricane”.

4″ x 7″ on Rives BFK; collection of the artist.

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